Melges 14

Designed by Reichel/Pugh, the Melges 14 is a modern singlehanded one-design with the ability to sail with two. With its large and open transom, there’s never a need to bail. The carbon mast and boom complement its flexible sail plan with three rigs: Gold, Blue and Red. With boats in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, the Melges 14 is becoming a one-design fleet for the masses. Sailors can order a custom Melges 14 dolly, easily car top it or tow it behind any vehicle. It’s a perfect beach boat, family sailboat or a one-design racing platform.

It’s speed, quality, durability, comfort and fun wrapped into one dynamic sailing package.


Keep Pushing Forward

We’ve spent four generations pushing Melges boats as far as they can go.

Across borders and language barriers,
past challenges, competitors, and
through rough waters.

We’ve pushed past what people thought was possible and into what they only could have imagined.

All because we know your boat takes you more places than just across the finish line.

So build your memories,
your skill,
and your passion.

Get out there. And push forward.


Melges 14 – Nicco Bianchi.jpg